Polo Ponies for Sale

Polo Ponies for Sale All horses listed are polo players and have been tested before being included in this catalog. They have also had a superficial check of their eyes and legs. In any case, it is necessary to carry out a veterinary examination prior to a purchase-sale transaction. Olympia Suitable for novice, intermediate, and low handicap competitive levels. Female, […] Continue Reading

2023 Argentine Polo Triple Crown – All you need to know

The Best Polo Tournaments to Watch in Argentina 2023 Spring is here! And that means one thing in the polo calendar. The start of the 2023 Argentine Polo Triple Crown is imminent. To make the most of each match, it’s important to review the basics of what’s about to happen. In 2023, The Argentine Polo Triple Crown arrives with several […] Continue Reading

Polo Holidays in Argentina

Polo Holidays in Argentina. A complete guide to visiting polo’s top destination When planning your polo holiday in Argentina there are a number of factors to consider like:  -Where are you going to stay?  -Will it be near the city or in the countryside?  -Is it a good time of the year?  -What should I pack? -Should I hire a […] Continue Reading

10 Things You Need to Know to Watch and Enjoy a Polo Match

10 Things You Need to Know to Watch and Enjoy a Polo Match 1. Two teams of four players on horseback try to score goals in the opposing team’s goal. Each time a team scores they switch ends on the field. 2. Dimensions of a polo field: Approximately 250 meters x 135 meters. 3. Handicap is a skill valuation. In […] Continue Reading




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