Polo Holidays in Argentina

Polo Holidays in Argentina. A complete guide to visiting polo’s top destination

When planning your polo holiday in Argentina there are a number of factors to consider like: 

-Where are you going to stay? 

-Will it be near the city or in the countryside? 

-Is it a good time of the year? 

-What should I pack?

-Should I hire a car?

In this article we are going to answer all of these questions and more. Here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about polo holidays in Argentina. By the end of this guide you’ll know which polo holiday in Argentina is right for you. 

So let ‘s crack on!

First things first:

1. Why is Argentina THE best place for a polo holiday?

Argentina is the best polo destination in the world.

Why is that? 

Its natural geography, weather, and beautiful landscapes are some of the top reasons. But there’s also a vast amount of polo fields, horses, and polo players. That means there’s always enough availability to play polo at any time of the year. 

Plus in case you hadn’t realized, Argentina is known to be the best country in the sport, FULL STOP. 

There are many countries where you can play, but most don’t offer the option to enjoy it all year round. Instead it’s mostly a seasonal sport that is played for a few months before moving  to a different location.

Also in Argentina the top (or high goal) players compete in the Argentine Polo Triple Crown. This is the highest competition for the sport in the world. And so if you are there at the right time this is a must see event! Which leads us to the following:

Argentina is the only country with the potential to offer you 80 goal polo matches.

2. When is the best time of the year to visit Argentina for a Polo Holiday?

Late September-Early December. Spring High Goal Season.

The best time to visit Argentina for a polo holiday is undoubtedly between late September and early December, ideally mid November to early December. This is the time when the Argentina Polo Triple Crown is  played.

This series of tournaments concludes with the semifinals of Palermo in the last weekend of November and the final of Palermo in the first weekend of December.

The 2023 Argentine Polo Triple Crown dates are: 

  • Tuesday, September 26th, Hurlingham Open first games, Triple Crown kick off.
  • Saturday, September 30th, and Sunday, October 1st, Hurlingham Open Semifinals.
  • Saturday, October 7th, Hurlingham Open Final.
  • Tuesday, October 10th, Tortugas Open starts.
  • Friday and Saturday, October 20th and 21st, Tortugas Open Semifinals.
  • Saturday, October 28th, Tortugas Open Final.
  • Tuesday, October 21st, Palermo Open starts.
  • Saturday and Sunday, November 25th and 26th, Palermo Open Semifinals.
  • Saturday, December 2nd, Palermo Open Final. End of the Triple Crown 2023.

While watching the Argentina Polo Triple Crown is an experience in itself, and definitely a factor to consider, polo gets played all year round in Argentina and each season has its advantages when planning a polo focused visit.

The best time to go to Argentina is during the Polo Triple Crown season.

What other times are also good for playing polo in Argentina?

Mid-December to Mid-January. Summer holidays.

This is a festive period in Argentina just like in  most places around the world, which makes it family time as well. But it is HOT, so other than the warmth you’ll probably perceive from the family feeling, you will feel the warmth of the weather.

You’ll be spending a lot of your polo week  by the swimming pool, having stick and ball sessions very early in the morning and chukkas very late in the evening. Polo is quite chilled at this time of the year and siestas will become a part of every polo day since you’ll want a break from the strong midday sun. 

Summer in Argentina is hot, but playing polo can still be a lot of fun!

Late January – Late April. Small season.

While it’s still school holidays for children, polo resumes some of its competitive activities in late January and early February. If you’re in Argentina in March you’ll probably get a similar feeling to being there in November: Polo is in full motion and the weather is still great.

However there are some differences: this is not the high season anymore so things are a little bit less intense. The general atmosphere is more relaxed. Since we’re coming out of the summer season, there are more polo fields  in great condition and you may notice that the polo horses feel better all round.

If you can spare watching the Triple Crown, or if you have already been to Argentina in the Spring, this time of the year is a great opportunity to make the most of YOUR polo. There are still exciting tournaments to go and watch like the Polo Tour and the Copa Republica Argentina.

The argentine Autumn is also witness to highly competitive polo tournaments like Copa Republica Argentina.

May Through to September- Winter time.

During this time polo becomes less competitive as people dedicate time to training and making polo ponies. However, polo doesn’t stop. While the best players may fly to other polo destinations, like Europe or the USA, some really good players are still around and there’s still fun polo to play. 

Winter in Argentina is a great time  to play some low key polo. You can enjoy riding lots of horses in training, and get a closer relationship with the “behind the scenes” of the sport.

Winter can indeed be chilly, but in Argentina polo is played all year round.

3. Where is the best place to go to for a polo holiday in Argentina?

The best place to play polo in Argentina depends on the time of year. During the Spring high goal season or the Autumn small season the best place to be is near Buenos Aires city. But in the summer and winter you could go further afield to places like Cordoba.

If you wish to make an inquiry or are considering making a booking for any place you can contact us at info@laamistadpolo.com or simply write to us on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp button, and we will be glad to assist you further in doing so.

In the spring high goal season and in the autumn small season the best polo holiday locations are Pilar, Cañuelas and Open Door. All three towns offer a wide range of options. Here are our best recommendations:

-La Guapeada, in Pilar: With a great location and all in-situ set up the Lagomarsino brothers, Luis and David offer an all-round experience for anyone who wants to be immersed in polo from dawn to dusk and foot step from most major high clubs and Argentine Association polo grounds. La Guapeada offers cozy accommodation and has two practice fields as well as a horse training program functioning all year round.

La Guapeada offers a relaxed and fun polo program in the heart of Pilar.


-Puesto Viejo Estancia, in Cañuelas: British national Jeremy Baker, envisioned a polo resort and the reality of what he came up with deserves a mention. With a hotel, plots for sale, several polo fields, hundreds of stables and a thriving polo school, Puesto Viejo definitely offers an all round super fun experience for those who want a the feeling of not having to too far for anything, other than a visit to the Buenos Aires city (by the way only 85 km away).

Puesto Viejo has a thriving in situ polo plan in Cañuelas


La Aguada Polo & Resort, in Open Door: Winners of the Argentina Polo Triple Crown in 2003 with the coaching of Norberto Fernandez Moreno and present in the Triple Crown for over 20 years the Novillo Astrada family made La Aguada Polo & Resort a world class experience. Polo at La Aguada is sure to be of high standard, they have tournaments, instructors and you have the chance to play with players who have literally been the very very best.

La Aguada, in Open Door, offers a world class polo stay.


-La Amistad Polo, in Open Door: La Amistad Polo offer a unique blend of services to carter for all levels from beginners who are about to take their first steps into the sport to professionals looking to further improve their abilities or simply in need of having a set of horses organized for them to compete. 

LAP operates from Open Door and they mostly organize their activities at La Cañada Polo Club or just behind it at El Paso Polo Club. Both clubs are situated across the street from La Amistad Polo ‘s stables yard and accommodation.

La Amistad Polo offers highly personalized polo holidays in Argentina, for each individual or group needs. Fun and professionalism are always included.

Where to polo play in the Argentine Summer

If you love to travel, playing polo in the Argentine summer is a great option. 

You can play polo in the Pampas, Patagonia and some places in the north of the country.

You can find some great setups, some of them where you can combine experience with other activities. 

All in all if your main goal is to focus on playing polo you are better off staying in the region that is best known for it, which is the Pampas. Here are some options which we are happy to recommend for the summer time in Argentina for polo in the Pampas:

-Los Techos, in San Agustin, Balcarce: At Los Techos its owner, Oscar Mancini, offers a very personalized polo experience. The place, not far from the coast, has everything you may need in situ, so that you can have an all inclusive stay with visits to the beach. 

An asado (Argentine BBQ) everynight and lots of “buena onda” from its host along with some cattle herding  activities make a super fun polo and countryside experience.

Los Techos in Balcarce is a great plan if you are looking for summer polo in Argentina.


El Sosiego, in Duggan, San Antonio de Areco: With Matias Ballesteros as the main host of his estancia, El Sosiego offers a uniquely relaxed experience of polo and argentine culture with visits to the traditional town of San Antonio de Areco. 

Also you may be taken to play at La Bamba or El Trebol, two polo clubs in the area where locals gather to play and participate in polo tournaments.

Matias Ballesteros is a world class polo manager and coach, and owner of El Sosiego Polo in Duggan, San Antonio de Areco.


-La Amistad, in Piedritas, General Villegas: In a dairy and family estancia setup, Juan Quintana will soon be offering a blend of fun polo, asados and international cuisine with great wine and countryside educational activities for those who may be interested. 

There are riding activities at the farm, as well as visits to local polo places like:

  • Playing polo games at La Lucila Polo Club in the city of Villegas, 
  • A weekend in Ameghino playing polo at traditional polo club Media Luna founded in 1883, 
  • A quick road trip to Chapaleufu in Intendente Alvear to watch the open of La Pampa in January. 

All these activities make this option a complete polo experience of Buenos Aires province “far far west”.

La Amistad in Piedritas in opening its wings and starting to offer polo in the Pampas very soon.

4. What is a polo holiday in Argentina about?

A polo holiday in Argentina is meant to be your opportunity to enjoy polo as much and in the way that you wish to do so. Whether it is taking polo lessons, playing it or simply watching it, these types of experiences are created to bring you closer to the sport and so that you can get further involved in the world of polo.

Most programs involve daily stick and balling, or some sort of coached training, chukkers four to 6 times a week, visit to the local town and attending polo or horse related events nearby. Horse hacks (trail rides) and other cultural activities like making empanadas or checking on cattle with the gauchos may also be part of the program. It all depends on how polo focused you want the experience to be. 

Polo Holidays in Argentina are all about fun, while training with the best and getting better at the sport.

5. What should I pack for a polo holiday?

For a polo holiday you should pack all of your polo equipment if you have any, swimwear as there is always a pool around, and casual smart clothing are the very essentials.

Below is a more detailed list of what you will need. Don’t worry, if you don’t have any of this probably the best thing to do is get them in the first couple of days once you arrive in Argentina. If this is the case we highly recommend you Aperos for most or all of the things.

Things you should pack, or get in Argentina, for your polo holiday:

  • Certified and approved polo or riding hat: There’s no way of going around this if you are going to play polo. The only case in which you can get away with having your own certified hat is if you are starting and are only going to take lessons and not compete, in which case your instructor or school should provide you with one.
  • Polo boots: You must wear boots to play polo. If you are in the learning stage and only going as far as instructional chukkas you can get away with playing with chaps. But if you are looking to play club chukkers or tournaments you will need to have a well fitted pair of boots.
  • Riding trousers: White trousers are mandatory to play polo matches. If you are not going to compete and are only going to go as far as clubs chukkas in 99% of clubs in Argentina you can play with blue jeans, jodhpurs or bombachas de campo. In any case you will want to have long trousers to ride.
  • Other polo equipment: knees pad, elbow pads, gloves and goggles.
  • Polo mallets and WhipS: Although awkward to travel with, if you are going to play polo seriously, you know that you want to have your own. The capital “S” on “whipS” is not a mistake, but rather emphasis on the fact that you should have more than one.
  • Outdoor life essentials: Sun cream, mosquito spray, sunglasses, a nice hat and swimwear are definitely items you want to have handy once you are set in where you are staying.
  • A couple of changes of casual smart clothing: Social events are likely to be part of your experience. Like a wise man once said “you are never badly presented when you are at your best”.
  • Your plug/socket adaptor: In this modern age where we all use electronics you want to make sure you’ll be able to charge yours.

6. Should I hire a car for my polo holiday in Argentina?

YES, hiring a car is highly recommended for your polo holiday in Argentina. Fact is that, while it is not an absolute requirement, distances in Argentina are big. Also public transport outside of Buenos Aires city isn’t always very efficient and sometimes even inexistent. 

You can get by without a car, calling remisses (booked taxis), and most polo organizations will take care of arranging your transport. However you’ll feel ten times more comfortable with the independence and freedom of having your own car.

Car hiring is always recommended. Distances in Argentina are big and polo equipment uncomfortable to carry.

7. Important horse riding holiday recommendations! Safety first!

Regardless of whether you go for one of our recommendations or one of someone you know, there are some aspects that should never be overlooked when planning on doing a polo holiday in Argentina, or anywhere really for that matter:

Prioritize professionalism

Finding places where you can stay and/or they have horses and they play polo is the easy part. However the attention to detail is what can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to safety regarding horses and the practice of the sport. 

Also make sure you can communicate with your host fluently in English or Spanish

Try and avoid having to use a translator. Make sure you instructor or host is fluent in English or your first language.

Make sure you know (or that they know) where to go in case of an emergency

We all hope it doesn’t happen, but whoever doesn’t fall doesn’t ride. And while most falls may not carry any consequences, some unlucky ones might need special medical attention. Knowing where you could end up, especially if unconscious, should never be unregarded.

Never underestimate the importance of being prepared and knowing what’s the plan in the event of an emergency.

Enquire as to whether they have knowledge of first aid, and what’s the first aid protocol

As previously elaborated “shit happens” specially when around horses. Having someone that knows how to handle stressful situations on site is definitely something that should be considered.

Check that the tack is in good condition

We could say that if you are capable of staying on the saddle your chances of having an accident would massively reduce. So long as the saddle can stay on the horse. Tack in good condition and fresh (not dried up leathers) is a must when it comes to riding safely. Don’t be shy to check! Once you get on, it’s your skin that might get hurt.

Tack is your attachment to the horse. It should always be in good condition.

Certifications don’t hurt

While there are places where they are super professional without any signed papers to frame and also cowboys with diplomas, nowadays they are the exceptions and not the rule. We will always recommend you to choose a certified instructor or organization over one of unknown background.

A polo instructor certificate assures you your host has undergone qualified training and will address your coaching in a professional manner.

8. Other frequently asked polo questions

While we already covered some of these questions above they keep coming through. Others will be developed in more detail in articles to follow, however you might want an immediate answer so here we go.

What is the polo season in Argentina?

The polo season in Argentina is from September to mid December. Late February to late April is also a time when they play important tournaments in Buenos Aires. Out of these times you will still find fun polo in the countryside.

What polo tournaments are in Buenos Aires?

Polo tournaments in Buenos Aires are (by level of relevance):

  • Palermo Open, late October to early December, Buenos Aires City.
  • Hurlingham Open, late September and early October, Hurlingham, Buenos Aires Province.
  • Tortugas Open, October, Pilar, Buenos Aires Province.
  • Jockey Club Open, September, San Isidro, Buenos Aires Province.
  • San Jorge Open, late August, late August and early September, 3 de Febrero (county), Buenos Aires Province.
  • Cámara de Diputados Cup, November, Pilar, Buenos Aires Province.
  • República Argentina Cup, March, Buenos Aires City.
  • And many others. For more info you can visit Argentine Polo Association website or contact send La Amistad Polo an email to info@laamistadpolo.com 

Why are Argentines so good at polo?

Argentines are so good at polo because they ride neck reining from a very young age so controlling the horses comes as second nature. Also the geography of Argentina allows polo in the vast majority of the country.

Last but not least every year polo players from all over the country, and actually from all over the world, concentrate in the areas of Pilar, Cañuelas and Open Door to compete in various tournaments.

Where can I watch polo in Argentina?

You can watch polo in Argentina in several locations across the country. The main ones are:

  • Palermo polo grounds: You can write “Campo Argentino de Polo” into Google Maps. You are likely to find polo games most days during October and November and from February until April. This location is in Buenos Aires city, just in front of the horse race track
  • The Argentine Polo Association grounds in Pilar: The AAP has 12 polo ground in its location “sede Alfredo Lalor”. Almost every day there are several games going on. This is 50 km out of Buenos Aires City and you can get there with a quick bus and a short taxi trip.

Where can I find polo lessons in Argentina?

You can find polo lessons in Argentina by simply contacting La Amistad Polo by emailing info@laamistadpolo.com or using the WhatsApp button. With excellent instructors and also great recommendations La Amistad Polo is without a doubt the best way to start learning polo.

Is there a polo club near me?

Yes! There is always a polo club near you. That is if you are prepared to drive a couple of hours north, south east or west… Polo clubs can be found in most countries around the globe in this modern world. You can check out what polo clubs are around you here.

What are the benefits of a polo vacation in Argentina?

The benefits of a polo vacation in Argentina are that this is the country that has the most polo ponies, and the best, the most polo fields, and the best, the most polo players, and the best, and the most tack shops and polo equipment shops, and the best.

The cons are that you may go back home with new polo equipment, a few polo ponies, one or two polo professionals, and maybe having bought a piece of land to start your own polo club… But, as they say, it is all part of the fun that comes with the sport.

What are some of the best polo matches to watch in Argentina? 

The best polo matches to watch in Argentina are the Palermo Open games. The Palermo Open is the last tournament of the Argentine Polo Triple Crown and the most desired by all players. This means that teams reach this tournament fully trained and fit and hungry for success resulting in exhilarating and exciting games.

How much does it cost to fly to Buenos Aires?

The cost of flying to Argentina will depend on where you are flying from and also the time of the year, and how far in advance you make your booking. As a reference a google search shows us a flight from London to Buenos Aires, with one conection in Spain, on November 20th, returning on December 4th is just under 2500 usd/gbp/eur.

What is the best time to go to Argentina for polo?

The best time to go to Argentina for polo is between October and December. This is the Spring High Goal Season and it is when all the best players are in Argentina at the same time and when they play the best tournaments in the world.

What are some well-known Argentine polo players?

Some well-known Argentine polo players are:

  • Adolfo Cambiaso Jr: currently known to be the best polo player on the planet, he has held a handicap of 10 goals for more than 20 years and has won every major tournament across the globe several times.
  • Poroto Cambiaso (Adolfo Cambiaso Jr. Jr.): Son of the latter he’s already 10 goals of handicap since recently (a couple of years ago), having beaten his father’s record in becoming the youngest person ever to reach the highest rate in the history of the sport.
  • Mia Cambiaso: Sister of the latter and daughter of the first. She is still in the ascending curve of her sport career, although she has already won the Argentine Ladies Open, the highest ladies tournament in the world.
  • Lia Salvo: having recently been a mother and already back in competitions Lia Salvo is one of the biggest referents of ladies playing polo world wide. Daughter of Mr. Hector Salvo (or Salvito for his friends), and currently 9 goals of handicap, having been a 10 goaler previously, she is still in time in her career to reach this rating again. Lia comes from a town called America in the very west of Buenos Aires Province located between the cities of Trenque Lauquen and Villegas.
  • The Heguys: An Argentine dynasty of polo players fathered by Mr. Antonio Heguy. This family has more than 10 members who have reached the highest rating to the sport (of 10 goals of handicap) and won the Argentine Open several times each. You can find their name in teams like Coronel Suarez, Indios Chapaleufu I, Indios Chapaleufu II, the Argentine National Team, as well as many other teams in the most distinguished destinations across the globe.
  • The Merlos: A younger dynasty than the latter, this one fathered by Hector Merlos (aka Cacho). Cacho and his sons have won several tournaments of the Argentine Triple Crown. While Cacho is widely respected as a 10 goaler, his three sons, Pite, Sebastian and Tincho, reached this rating, and his grandchildren are competing in different countries as well as in Argentina as they progress in their polo careers.
  • The Pieres: With Facundo, Gonzalo Jr. Nico, and Polito, all currently 10 goals, or at a time in their lives, and still active. It was Gonzalo Sr. the first one of this family that got the highest rating of the sport. Also Paul, father of Polito, was a fine polo player and respected for his achievements.
  • The Novillo Astradas: The family of the Triple Crown, the Novillo Astradas in 2003 made an historic achievement: They became the first team of four brothers to win all three tournaments of the Argentine Polo Triple Crown in the same year. Coached by Norberto Fernandez Moreno, Javier, Eduardo, Miguel and Ignacio did something never done before or after them, at least yet.
  • Gonzalo Tanoira: Widely respected for his style on and on the field Gonzalo Tanoira was one of the finest examples of perfection on a horse with a polo mallet. Having also been president of the Argentine Polo Association, his name is now on the main street of the with the highest concentration of polo fields in the world in the limit of General Rodriguez with Pilar.
  • Juan Carlos Harriot: Like Fangio to Schumacher is Juan Carlos Harriot to Adolfo Cambiaso. Juan Carlitos, as he is widely known, held a handicap of 10 goals for more than 20 consecutive years while winning the Argentine Open nothing less than 20 times. He did this along with his brother Alfredo Harriot and teammates Horacio and Alberto Pedro Heguy.
  • Pablo Mac Donough: Pablo won the Argentine Open and other Triple Crown tournaments several times. Pablo made a more successful career after joining forces with Adolfo Cambiaso. He also won tournaments in several other countries and is still today a 10 goaler in his own right.
  • Juan Martin Nero: 10 goals of handicap and chosen by Cambiaso to join his team after getting tired of struggling to get through him when playing against. Juan Martin Nero was first found by the Heguys for his natural abilities and excellent horsemanship. He is, in the eyes of this writer and many other respected experts of the sport, one of the very best examples of riding style for polo still active at the highest level.
  • The Castagnola brothers: Sons of former 10 goaler Bartolomé Castagnola senior, Bartolome Jr. (aka Barto) and Camilo (aka Jeta) are, along with their cousin Poroto, the youngest 10 goalers in the world currently active. They have already won the Argentine Open once as well as many other tournaments in the world. They are going to be getting headlines for decades to come.

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