Come to Ride and Play Polo

Choose from fun polo days or relaxed hacks to exciting classes and club practices.

Get ready to lean forward to get through low branches areas, gallop in the open field and enjoy the beauty of nature. Our Hacks will take you on lovely horses through Pilar countryside and they take between one and a half and two hours with sections of walk, trot and canter. Our horses are riden western style and are easy-handling.

​The Introductory is a day full of the following activities: welcome drinks, foot mallet session, polo riding session, stick and balling session, lunch, polo rules briefing, afternoon of swimming pool or watching a polo match (subject to availability), mate and biscuits, afternoon friendly game and evening drinks at the stables.

During the Introductory Polo Afternoon we will do the following activities: welcome drinks, foot mallet session, polo riding session, stick and balling session, tea or mate and biscuits with polo rules briefing and afternoon friendly game. We start at 3pm and will be finishing at 7pm.

In these sessions you’ll learn the ABC of riding as well as how to swing the mallet and hit the ball at a canter. Beginner Private Lessons may well be focus on riding or stick and balling and are design to achieve great results whilst having great fun!

The Intermediate Private Lessons will prepare you to challenge and be challenged by others. Learn to hook, and avoid being hooked, ride off, take the ball from another player and make good use of it once you have it. Now it’s when the nearside and plenty more starts making sense.

Advanced Private lessons may be about riding, stick and balling and/or strategy. They are the fastest of this type of activity and will help you progress to playing tournaments and beyond.

Groups lessons are made with 3 people or more. They consist on a solo warm-up followed of team activities and group bond strengthening. These sessions are a great way to practice diverse skills with the assistance of other players in a non-competitive enviroment.

Instructional Chukkas are best ways to start mingling with others in a friendly way. Here you will learn basic tactics as well as the most important rules of the game.

On Club Chukkas you will begin to feel the real thrill of polo. Now you are meant to cruise around the polo field at 80% of the top speed of your horse, making quick reductions and efficient restarts in the direction the game flows. Mercy is off the table and chivalry is all there is left to count on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polo is a team sport where riders on horseback with sticks(mallets) in their hands try and make a ball move towards the goal of the opponent team.

Yes. La Amistad Polo has playing horses which are docile, experience and mature, and which follow the natural commands and are pacient to wait for the command  of the rider.

You can start at any age. Under age riders must have authorisation from their parents and come with them to their  first session.

Our stables are between the cities of General Rodriguez and Pilar, 40 minutes away from Buenos Aires city with access by car by Acceso Norte and Acceso Oeste. You can also get to Pilar or Rodriguez by public transport. These cities are 10 minutes away by car and also connected by route 28 by bus line 276.

For the time being we only operate with cash in ARS or USD on site or by bank transfer when organised in advance. Unfortunately we don’t have a card machine so please keep this in mind.

For your first lesson everything to do with polo you may need will be given to you. Come with loose and comfortable trousers that allow you to open your legs fully and closed footwear, ideally old office shoes for him and low heel old boots for her, otherwise a pair of comfy trainers will be fine (no espadrilles, flip flops, or steel-toe style boots for safety reasons).

As you progress we will advise you on what items of equipment you may need to continue your improvement.

Horses are living beings of  the animal kingdom and thus of unpredictable nature which carries a risk in itself. Because of this it is compulsory to wear a hat for the proposed activities on horseback and to respect the instructor’s indications at all times. We have got personal accidents cover and our director has taken part in equestrian first aid courses. In case of accident the situation will be contained in an appropriate and professional way, and in case of risk or doubt derived to the hospital Pilar city

By car:

-Acceso Norte (recommended): Leave the city by Acceso Norte Panamerican Route 8/9 and keep left when the road splits (towards Pilar) until beyond the toll. Pass the toll continue beyond kilometre 50 and try and keep right, this lane will become the slip road to exit at the end of this section of the motorway. Take this exit (Pilará, Estancias del Pilar, Asociacion Argentina de Polo) and the roundabout below the motorway bridge. The third exit of the roundabout (just before the slip road to reenter the motorway in the opposite direction) put you back in direction to Pilar, ex-ruta 8 (Estanislao Lopez in your GPS). Follow this road until the second set of traffic lights and turn right onto Estanislao Zeballos street. Follow this road, you will cross two railroads and at the end of it

 you will find a roundabout, enter it and take the second exit. Now we are on the route 28 going from Pilar to Rodriguez, keep left through the first traffic light and at the roundabout take the second exit to remain on route 28 going towards Rodriguez (beware THERE ARE SPEED CAMERAS WITH SPEED LIMIT 60KM/H). 4.4 km after (if you get to the speed bumps you just missed it) our stables are on the left behind the “Escuadra de Caballeria” to the right 500 mts ahead on your left.

-Acceso Oeste: Leave the city by Acceso Oeste.  Follow signs and take the exit on km 51.8 for RUTA 28 Gral. Rodriguez. Take route 28 to the right towards Pilar. Follow this road (Beware that for the first 2km after the motorway the limit 60km/h and THERE ARE SPEED CAMERAS) for  9.3km and just after the set of two speed bumps our stables are on your right behind the “Escuadra de Caballeria” to the right 500mts ahead on your left.

By public transport (you’ll need to have a SUBE card, you can get it and top it up in most kiosks in the city):

-Bus (recommended): Take the 57 Diferencial Pilar Express (it is usually white and with green led letters above the windscreen) in Plaza Italia, Palermo and relax, the bus has comfortable sits and air conditioner, it finishes in Pilar so no chance of mistakes and it takes 1 hour in normal traffic. There are buses every 10 or 15 minutes. A remis from Pilar to our stables is around 120 pesos and if we are able we will be waiting for you at the bus stop.

-Train: At Retiro station in downtown Buenos Aires you can take the San Martin line to Pilar station. The journey takes 1 hour and a half and there are trains to Pilar every 25 minutes. A remis from Pilar to our stables is around 120 pesos and if we are able we will be waiting for you at the train station.

By helicopter: If you wish to you can also fly to us which takes less than 20 minutes from Buenos Aires city. Please let us know your ETA to make sure the polo field is clear at the time of your landing. We will ask you to kindly remove it from it while the activities take place so if you are flying solo allow extra time for parking.




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